Dish Scrunge Sponge Wand

Cleans without scratching!

Pans and dishes that twinkle without muss or scuff!

Offering superior quality performance, the Vileda Dish Scrunge sponge wand cleans dishes and pans efficiently and without scratching – as attested by its certification for use on Teflon®-coated cookware. What’s more, its easy-to-fill, detergent-dispensing handle makes it a complete and flexibly convenient tool.

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Wash everything from glasses to pans without a streak or scratch with the Vileda Dish Scrunge sponge wand!

  • Non-abrasive scouring pad cleans without scratching.
  • Ideal for non-stick pots and pans (certified and recommended for use on Teflon®-coated cookware).
  • Patented, rippled surface fragments and gently removes dirt.
  • Rounded sponge optimizes cleaning efficiency.
  • Easy-to-fill, detergent-dispensing handle.
  • Three refills available – non scratch, stubborn dirt or gentle cleaning.



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