Scrunge® Heavy Duty Dishwand

The Vileda® Scrunge® Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand works wonders on dried-on, cooked-on, and baked-on messes with its powerful rippled scrubber surface. The ultra-durable sponge rinses completely clean after use and is long lasting. Plus, the handle can be filled with dishwashing liquid for your cleaning convenience. Perfect for scrubbing messy pots and pans down to the bottom.

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• Ideal for tough cleaning tasks. Easily removes dried-on, cooked and embedded dirt on pots, pans, cookware and bakeware.
• Scrunge® rippled scrubbing surface breaks up and removes dirt and grime.
• Sponges rinses clean and resists odours.
• The sponge’s rounded design optimizes cleaning efficiency and cleans deep into small corners.
• Easy-to-refill, detergent-dispensing handle.
• Two refills available - Multi-Use and Heavy Duty.

Use & Care

Before use, test on an inconspicuous area first. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze sponge dry after each use. To further clean, place sponge in dishwasher. For best results, replace refill every 30-60 days.

a brand of FREUDENBERG