Lavender Vileda® PACS

Take the guesswork out of cleaning your floors with perfectly portioned Lavender Vileda® PACs. Mixed with water, each PAC has enough deep cleaning power for every hard-surface floor in your home. Once you drop a Vileda® PAC in your bucket, you’ll see the bubbles and smell the light, floral scent. Then, it’s time to mop. Enzymes dissolve stubborn dirt and grease for a streak-free, thorough clean you can see– without the addition of harsh chemicals.

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Easy Deep Clean without Harsh Chemicals


Perfectly portioned

No guess, no mess. Just one PAC in your bucket is all you need to deep-clean any hard floor in your home.


Enzyme cleaning power

Hard-working enzymes bind to stubborn dirt and grime particles, dissolving them away, providing a thorough clean every time.


97% naturally derived ingredients

No ammonia, bleach or parabens  — you don't need harsh chemicals for a clean you can trust.

Designed for Mopping

Vileda® PACS are designed for your EasyWring™ and RinseClean™ Spin Mop Systems, and can be used with any mop and bucket. Just drop one PAC in the bucket, with 6 litres of warm water and watch it fizz. Mop all your hard surface floors and enjoy the streak-free results.

Compact design

Say goodbye to bulky bottles of liquid solution, which are inconvenient to measure, messy to pour, and awkward to store. PACS are easy to store and even easier to use. Just drop and mop – no measuring required.

What floor type can I use PACS on?

PACS can be used on all hard finished floors including hardwood, tile, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, marble, stone, porcelain & more. Do not use on unfinished, oiled, waxed or water sensitive floors or on other surfaces like walls, countertops. If unsure, test on inconspicuous area first.


• Pre-measured, convenient PAC.
• Use with Vileda® mopping systems.
• Naturally-derived enzymes dissolve stubborn dirt and grease.
• No ammonia, no bleach, no parabens.
• Gentle on all hard-surface floors. 
• Calming Lavender scent.

Use & Care

Drop one PAC into a bucket filled with 6 litres of warm water. After the satisfying fizz subsides, you're ready to mop. Simply mop all your hard surface floors as you normally would and enjoy the streak-free results. Not intended for use with spray mops. Keep out of the reach of children.

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 CAS Number 
Sodium bicarbonate
Cleaning agent
Citric acid
pH regulating agent
Lipase enzyme
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Polyvinyl alcohol film
Dissolvable packaging
Fragrance Proprietary Fragrance


a brand of FREUDENBERG