Sustainability in our Company

Our roots are based in the foundation of the Freudenberg Group and its long term approach to business. Ever since the first product was produced in 1948, our brand Vileda has stood for innovation and quality, with a focus on producing durable and convenient products developed and produced using safe materials with state-of–the-art technology.


We intend to continue our approach to sustainability, namely to incorporate ecological, social and economic values in our day-to-day business and to meet the expectations of present and future generations.


Our long-term promise and responsibility towards people and the environment is laid down in the Guiding Principles set out by our parent company Freudenberg.

CEO Statement

Making housework easier and delivering superior services to our customers have been our highest priorities since the launch of the very first Vileda product in 1948: the Vileda Window Cloth. The products our grandmothers used in the past are now used by their grandchildren, but their needs have changed and so have our products: for example our cloth range has been continuously upgraded in terms of performance and durability, allowing now up to 300 wash cycles for our microfiber cloths.

Product Life Cycle

Considering the life cycle of Vileda products, it becomes evident how important the individual phases are in helping us to reduce the impact of our processes on the three areas of sustainability, namely environment, society and economy.

Product Performance

Along the life-cycle, Vileda products are continuously improved in regard to the three values (ecological, social and economic) of sustainability, and the following products demonstrate this effect.

Sustainability at Freudenberg

The overall approach towards sustainability goes even further: our parent company Freudenberg, a German family company in operation for over 160 years, has always paid high attention to ecological, social and economic values, which are specifically contained in the company’s Mission statement.