Product Performance

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Product Performance

Along the life-cycle, Vileda products are continuously improved in regard to the three values (ecological, social and economic) of sustainability, and the following products demonstrate this effect.



The Cloth Material “Evolon”

The proprietary production process of the Vileda Microfibre cloth-material “Evolon” saves water: no chemicals are involved during production as mechanical bonding and splitting into microfibres is achieved via hydro-entanglement technology. This technology, which has been honoured with the “Eco-Trophée du Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges” certificate, reduces water waste as water is pumped in a closed circulation system. In addition, “Evolon” is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 (strictest requirements: textiles and textile toys for babies and small children).


Our Microfibre Products


Microfibre products like our Vileda microfibre cloths or the Vileda SuperMocio allows the user to easily remove stubborn dirt without the need for detergents in the most part. Vileda Professional´s Evolon-based NanoTech micro cloth with its fibre-encapsulated silver technology allows the saving of electrical energy by making the daily drying step after disinfecting laundering unnecessary.


The Bristles in our Brooms

Since 2006, all bristles in our brooms have been made from recycled polyester taken from used bottle chips. As well as the ecological advantages, it’s also far more durable in comparison with conventional bristle materials.


The DuActiva Broom

The DuActiva broom, with its combination of bristles and dense foam blade, carefully removes loose dirt and dust without simply moving it around. Therefore it has been awarded with the ECARF-certificate (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation at the Berlin Charité Clinics), the quality seal for allergy-reducing products and services.


Our Sponge Cloths

Vileda and Wettex Sponge Cloths are composed of cotton fibres and cellulose sponge material making them fully biodegradable as has been proven by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala. The production process minimizes waste and water consumption by reusing process additives.


Our Mops

Vileda floor cleaning mops fulfil requirements in the area of environment, health and quality. For example, mops are tested to pass a minimum of 300 washes, the cleaning efficiency is measured and all raw materials are checked on strict compliance regarding composition.


The Product Range “Naturals”

As a consequence of the strong environmental approach, Vileda has launched an eco-focussed product range “Naturals” to complete the durable cloth and floor cleaning range. With this range, there is a strong combination of innovation, quality and durability incorporated with the ecological aspect. The material mix comprises elements from natural origins, from renewable or recycled resources like corn starch-derived fibres or organic cotton. For the latter, our suppliers comply with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) defined requirements ensuring the organic status of textiles.


Product Range “selected for Sustainable Cleaning”

Vileda Professional launched the product range “Selected for Sustainable Cleaning” at the Interclean Fair 2010 in Amsterdam. Similarities of selected products are extremely long-term durability, excellent performance with less effort and reduced use of chemicals, no hazardous substances used and also efficient packaging.