CEO Statement



Passing on to our future Generations


Making housework easier and delivering superior services to our customers have been our highest priorities since the launch of the very first Vileda product in 1948: the Vileda Window Cloth. The products our grandmothers used in the past are now used by their grandchildren, but their needs have changed and so have our products: for example our cloth range has been continuously upgraded in terms of performance and durability, allowing now up to 300 wash cycles for our microfiber cloths. Our “Vileda Supermop”, which first captured the market in 1973, modified cleaning habits in a lot of countries, and has been improved many times to satisfy changing consumer needs.


This cross-generational way of thinking is the basis for our long-term oriented business, and an important part of this is our approach to Sustainability. Our products are known for their durability, washability, performance and ergonomics. We pay attention to the sourcing of our raw materials, how our products are manufactured, distributed, applied and disposed of. We are certified in accordance with the standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. An example for a country-specific certificate is the Scandinavian eco-label “Nordic Swan” for Vileda Professional Swep Mops.


Furthermore, FHCS´s newest manufacturing site in the USA has been built with sustainability considered from the ground up, aiming towards a LEED certification for the entire site (LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, a rating system by the U.S. Green Building Council). The energy consumption has been successfully reduced by more than 25 %.


Sustainability means for us to live ecological, social and economic values day-to-day and we are committed to do business while respecting the principles of sustainability. We are fully aware that sustainability is an on-going, everyday-challenge and has to be continuously implemented and lived in all divisions of the company. The long-term responsibility towards people and the environment is anchored in the Guiding Principles laid down by our parent company Freudenberg and a personal commitment of the entire FHCS organization.


Dr Klaus-Peter Meier
Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH