Handy Sweep Electric Sweeper

Always ready, always clean.

Always ready for fast and easy on-the-go cleaning!

The Handy Sweep electric sweeper is ideal for fast and easy on-the-go cleaning! Cordless, lightweight and comfortable in use, it quickly collects dirt, dust and pet hair thanks to the patented double rolling cleaning technology. The flexible, counter-rotating rollers work together to effectively pick up and transfer dirt into bin. To clean the rollers, simply rinse them under water. This convenient cleaning tool is suitable for all hard floor surfaces such as tile, marble, wood and linoleum and short pile carpets. Plus, it easily cleans under furniture without bending over with its flexible joint. Weighing only 2.2 lbs, Handy Sweep is easy to carry and store. For fast and easy quick cleaning, Handy Sweep can lend a helping hand.

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Cordless e-sweeper that cleans and collects dirt, dust and animal hair with ease!

  • Cordless E-Sweeper collects all dirt, dust and hair quickly – including pet hair!
  • Strong performance thanks to its patented double roller cleaning technology
  • Easy to manoeuvre with flexible joint – reach far under furniture without bending
  • Light weight and compact design makes it easy to store – only 1kg (2.2 lbs)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.5h charge time for 40 minutes of cleaning)
  • The two rollers are easy to remove and clean – simply rinse under tap water
  • Convenient tool ideal for cleaning all hard floor surfaces and short pile carpets

Cordless Hardfloors_ShortPileCarpets IdealForPetHair


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