Scrunge Stainless Steel Scrub Sponge

Great performance and gentle cleaning!

The best combination between performance and gentle cleaning for all stainless steel surfaces! Scrunge shines surfaces without leaving streaks and rinses easily.

The Vileda Stainless Steel offers the best cleaning result on encrusted/tough dirt and provides streak free shine on all stainless steel surfaces. The abrasive coating scrubs dirt fast and the 100% microfibre cloth layer absorbs liquid and dries the surfaces, wiping away any remaining dirt. Before use, test on an inconspicuous area first.

  • Abrasive yet gentle polyurethane coating breaks and removes dirt without scratching.
  • Scrunge® surface rinses clean to help eliminate odour build-up. Dirt glides off easily.
  • Flexible high quality polyester foam with nailguard for protection from dirt and for better handling.
  • The microfibre wiping layer has an excellent cleaning performance and high absorbency for water and grease-based dirt.
  • Gives a streak free shiny result!
  • Gentle on: Steel (also polished or varnished), Chromium, all types of inorganic (non-plastic) glass (i.e. window pane), Ceran® (Glass), Pyrex®, Enamel, China / porcelain, Non-stick pans and pots