ProMist MAX Scrub Pad Refill

Great for spot cleaning!

The microfibre scrub pad will easily remove the sticky stains from your floors without scratching and is perfect for spot cleaning.

Microfibre mops are designed with you in mind. They work fast and thoroughly so you can enjoy a tidy house amidst a hectic lifestyle! This refill is a 2-sided microfibre pad that removes over 99% of bacteria* with just water. The microfibre firmly grabs dirt instead of pushing it around like ordinary mop pads.

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Stubborn dirt and sticky spills? The ProMist MAX Scrub Pad uses microfibre to easily remove the mess.

• Great scrubbing power for tough messes and spot cleaning.
• Scrub zone removes stubborn dirt effectively.
• Microfibre pad – thousands of tiny fibres lift and capture grease and dirt.
• Reusable and machine washable.
• Safe to use on hardwood, tile and linoleum.
• For best results, replace your refill every season.

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