Microfibre Dust Cloth

Captures 40% more dust!

An electrostatic cloth that captures 40% more dust.

The Vileda Microfibre Dust Cloth attracts and captures even the finest dust thanks to its powerful electrostatic properties. Soft, manageable and pleasant to the touch, it’s made of extra-soft microfibre which eliminates grease and neatly removes tough marks and dust, leaving impeccable shine without lint or scratches behind, even on the most delicate surfaces. To maintain effectiveness, use dry only, machine wash in warm water, and lay flat to dry.

For 40% more effective dusting, attract and capture dust with the Vileda Microfibre Dust Cloth!


  • Extra-soft microfibre.
  • Manageable and pleasant to the touch.
  • Removes tough marks and dust.
  • Ideal for all surfaces, even the most delicate.
  • Machine washable cloth.


*Captures 40% more dust than traditional cotton cloth (internal test lab)