Microfibre All-Purpose Cloth

Cleans without chemicals!

Absorbent, strong and durable – unparalleled for removing grease and grime fast and thoroughly!

A product of leading-edge engineering, the Vileda Microfibre All-Purpose Cloth is the ultimate solution to make cleaning easier. The resilience and excellent absorption of its microfibre are combined with the incomparable effectiveness of this material to quickly and easily eliminate stubborn dirt, with or without detergent.

Choose the Vileda Microfibre All-Purpose Cloth to clean impeccably every time, even without chemicals!

  • Microfibre ideal for removing tough dirt with minimal effort.
  • 100% microfibre all-purpose cloth.
  • Durable, very absorbent and cleans without streaking.
  • Wet or dry use.
  • Reusable and machine washable.
  • 2-pack.