EasyWring Refill

Revive the leading edge effectiveness of your Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System!

EasyWring POWER Refill

The dual fibres work together to easily remove and absorb tough dirt and grime on all floor surfaces, leaving no streaks behind!

ProMist MAX Refill

Quick clean your floors with a superior power mop refill!

Super Twist XL Mop Refill

Keep on renewing the leading edge cleaning power of your Vileda Super Twist XL Mop!

Fibro Contact Mop Refill

A refill made from a unique blend of cotton and microfibre to powerfully remove dirt and make your Vileda Fibro Contact mop last!

Bee Mop Classic Refill

Swiftly wash stubborn dirt from your floors and see them dry three times faster!

Flip Mop Refill

This dual-sided refill offers a unique combination of cotton with microfibre strips and ultra-dense chenille for more cleaning power!