Dish Brushes

Soap Dispensing Dishwand Scrunge Sponge

Pans and dishes that twinkle without muss or scuff!

Powerfibres Dish Brush Soap Dispenser

Break up & lift away dirt easily with scrubbing bristles and a refillable handle.

Dish Scrunge Refill

A fresh refill as needed for pans and dishes that twinkle without muss or scuff!

Scrunge Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand

The perfect kitchen tool for tough cleaning tasks! No need to roll up your sleeves, this wand is perfect for scrubbing messy pots and pans down to the bottom!

Scrunge Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand Refill

Heavy duty performance that rinses clean and resists odours! Bid farewell to tough kitchen messes with this easy-to-replace refill!

Dish Sponge Refill

Iron-hand efficiency in a velvet glove for more delicate dishware!

Powerfibres Pots & Pans Brush

Make pots and pans sparkle while keeping germs at bay!

Powerfibres Dish & Sink Brush

Effectively remove dirt from all your kitchen accessories!

Powerfibres Glass & Bottle Brush

Eliminate stuck on residue and stains from narrower and more difficult-to-wash glassware and containers!

Powerfibres Glass and Bottle Spin Brush

Spinning action to wash bottles, glasses and mugs easily while keeping hands dry.

Mini Mop Dishmop

Absorbent and compact for clean, spotless dishes!