Gentle Scrubber

Perfect for removing food residue from surfaces, the Gentle Scrubber makes washing dishes effortless. Equipped with a scrubbing pad, the brush thoroughly removes dirt and food debris with just a gentle scrub. Safe to use on non-stick cookware without scratching. Includes a built-in scraper to lift remaining food particles and a suspendable handle for easy storage.

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• Gentle scrubber removes food from cookware and bakeware without scratching.
• Built-in scraper tackles stubborn food residue.
• Safe on non-stick coatings.
• Easy to store with suspendable handle.
• Perfect for kitchen use.

Use & Care

Before use, test on an inconspicuous area first. Rinse thoroughly after each use. For best results, replace every 30-60 days.

a brand of FREUDENBERG