Which Vileda® Mop is Right for You?

Which Vileda® Mop is Right for You?

Updated November 2023  Cleaning Tips, Updates

Within our extensive mop selection, we offer quite a few options that are easy to use and guaranteed to do the job well. Not sure which one is best for your cleaning needs? Take our quiz below, then read on to find your perfect mop match. 


1. How often do you mop? 
A. Every week, so I need it to be easy!  
B. I do a deep clean every two weeks to reset the house. 
C. I’m constantly cleaning up spills from my kids or pets.  
D. I clean every week, but I need extra cleaning power for tough spills.  

2. What feature is most important to you in a mop? 
A. It needs to have hands-free wringing—I hate getting my hands wet! 
B. It needs to deliver the cleanest clean. I’m a true clean freak.   
C. I need it to be quick and easy. I’ve got to clean up fast and get on to the next thing! 
D. I need powerful buffing action. It seems like I always have stains that won’t budge.  

3. What’s your biggest cleaning challenge?  
A. The floor gets too wet for my hardwood—I want to control the amount of water on my mop!
B. I hate putting dirty water back on the floor. There’s nothing worse than pushing around dirty water. 
C. I don’t like having to stop and change my mop pad—I wish I had something double sided to make cleaning go faster.

D. I need a way to scrub out tough spots. I wish there was a scrub pad built into my mop! 

Your results:

All of Vileda's microfibre mops offer optimized bacteria removal, washable, reusable mop heads, and tools that are safe to use on any hard surface. In fact, each mop head has been proven to remove over 99% of bacteria using only water.* Each of our microfibre mops has special qualities that make them unique. Learn more about the best Vileda® microfibre mop for you. 


Mostly A's: The EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System — The Foot-Activated Wringer

The EasyWring™ is one of our most popular Vileda® mop and bucket systems. Why? It’s easy to use and delivers a dreamy deep clean. With hands-free wringing and a foot activated pedal to easily control moisture levels, cleaning everything from a simple spill to dried-on messes is a piece of cake. Mopping can be tough on the body, but no need to worry about that here. The EasyWring’s hands-free wringing capabilities makes mopping effortless.


Mostly B's: The RinseClean™ Spin Mop — The Two-Tank System

The RinseClean™ system comes with all of the same benefits as the EasyWring™ Spin Mop but with one special upgrade: it offers an additional tank for keeping clean and dirty water separate. We like to think it's the cleanest way to clean your floor. And just like EasyWring™ it's almost effortless to use.


Mostly C’s: ProMist® MAX Microfibre Spray Mop — The Quick Clean

There is no time wasted when you clean with the ProMist® MAX. If you’re dealing with daily spills, this spray mop is right for you. It has a flippable, double-sided mop head, so you can quickly clean up messes with one side and dry with the other. It delivers a fast and easy clean that you won’t have to go over and over again.


Mostly D’s: SuperTwist 3Action XL - 3 Cleaning Actions in one mop!

Designed with 3-in-1 cleaning action that takes care of dirt, sticky grease and dust, the Vileda® Supertwist 3Action Mop also includes red spot erasers to buffer out those stubborn floor stains without scratching. Pair it with the QuickWring Bucket to easily wring out your mop!


Curious what other great mops we have? Check out our full selection of mops and refills here.

*Removes, does not kill, over 99% of E. coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab.
Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System
EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System
EasyWring™ RinseClean™ Spin Mop & Bucket System
ProMist® MAX Microfibre Spray Mop
Vileda SuperTwist 3Action XL
SuperTwist 3Action XL
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