The toughest, rinsable scrub sponge for your everyday kitchen messes

Finally! A scrub sponge that can tackle it all.

Its rippled surface breaks up and lifts tough dirt away, and rinses clean like new! From your precious plates to everyday bakeware, you can trust Scrunge for the job.

Rippled surface removes tough dirt and grime

Rinses clean so food glides off

Non-scratch and safe on all surfaces

Recommended for use on Teflon® -based non-stick coatings


10/10 would recommend!

“They are the best scrubber sponges I’ve used to date! I used them to get burnt chicken bits off my fancy frying pan and it didn’t scratch the teflon.”

 J. Rochford via

January 4, 2020

Super strong!

“I use this sponge multiple times a day and not only does it clean with ease, but it looks brand spanking new!

Caateryna via

January 2, 2020

Love these!

“I used them for dishes, then for cleaning the counters and cupboards and my glass stove top! The blue part is non-scratch! They can even be microwaved to prevent germs.”

Kimber B. via

January 15, 2020

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