4 benefits in 1 scrub sponge

Finally! A scrub sponge that can tackle it all.

Scrunge Multi-Use makes kitchen cleanup easy and effective. It removes tough dirt, is non-scratch, long lasting and rinses clean like new! Trust Scrunge for any job.

4 benefits in 1 scrub sponge

Rippled surface removes tough dirt and grime

Non-scratch and safe on non-stick coatings

Lasts longer compared to regular scrub sponges*

*Based on internal laboratory tests.

Rinses Clean so food glides off and stays fresh


GoCleanCo approved!
The Scrunge sponge is our go-to for doing the dishes and cleaning surfaces! We even use this baby to clean shower glass. It holds its shape and doesn’t get mangled.
GoCleanCo CleaningArmy // Dec 2020
Lasts forever
Love these, perfect for dishes and those tough pots and pans. Lasts forever and doesn't go moldy or smelly.
Jennifer // Sept 20, 2020
One of my favourite tools
Boy do they get the job done. The rough side will not scratch pans, or even fragile wine glasses. They’re one of my favourite tools.
Alexandre L. // August 23, 2020
Worked wonders!
Hands down, the BEST sponges! Sticky pulled pork made a mess in my crock pot and Scrunge worked wonders!
Eric L // June 13, 2020


Dishwasher-safe: Sanitize your Scrunge sponge in the dishwasher for a fresh sponge. Scrunge lasts long and won’t break down easily compared to other brands.

Clean and wipe down microwave walls and doors. Safe to clean many appliances.

Great for wiping counters, doors, windowsills and more!

Try the dishwand format! Fill the handle with your favourite soap and easily scrub dishes and the sink!

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