Try Scrunge® Multi-Use

SCRUNGE® Multi-Use

The toughest, rinsable scrub sponge

Its rippled surface breaks up and lifts tough dirt away, and rinses clean like new! More durable and long lasting vs. regular sponges, Scrunge cleans without scratching and is certified and recommended for use on Teflon® non-stick coatings.

So clean, you can’t resist.

Try it, you’ll see!

Removes the toughest dirt and grime
Rinses clean like new – stays fresh for longer!
Cleans without scratching, durable and dishwasher safe
Recommended for TeflonTM non-stick coatings

Best sponges on the planet!

“Nothing compares to these! The green rough surface is amazing at scrubbing out any tough stuck-on food or mess but once rinsed, it looks brand new.”

Nancy M. via

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