DuActiva Broom

2-in-1 Action!

Equip yourself with a doubly effective weapon against dust!

With the dual-effectiveness of every stroke, the Vileda DuActiva broom will make your housework that much easier. Bristles on one side and an electrostatic foam blade on the other join forces to pick up dirt and dust, leaving only spot-less clean floor! This sweeping revolution now features new thick red bristles for 3 times better corner cleaning! To ensure maximum life expectancy for the foam blade, manufacturer recommends using it only on hard surfaces.

Sweep twice as effectively thanks to the twin power of the Vileda DuActiva broom!

  • Two-in-one electrostatic broom.
  • Innovative foam blade traps dirt in one stroke without lifting particles.
  • New thick red bristles easily clean corners and along edges.
  • Ideal for picking up pet hair.
  • Combines bristles with an electrostatic foam blade that’s easy to clean under running water for better results.
  • Built-in “bumpers” protect walls and furniture.
  • Ecofibres – bristles made of recycled plastic.


Ecofibres By Vileda