Scrunge Colours Scrub Sponge

Easy-grip for better cleaning!

For a touch of colour while you clean, treat yourself to the Colours Foam Back Scourers from Vileda!

The Colours Foam Back Scourers are designed with a non-scratch scouring surface safe for all non-stick coatings and a unique foam back, without the use of cellulose. With its powerful scrubbing surface, you can scrub your most delicate surfaces without leaving a scratch, all while rinsing clean and resisting odours! Its unique double-wave design offers a comfortable and easy-to-handle grip, which facilitates cleaning and scrubbing. These bright and playful sponges bring a pop of colour to your cleaning routine, with the following available colours: Magenta, Green, Cyan and Orange!

Add Scrunge Colours 4-in-1 to your cleaning routine today!

  • Removes tough dirt: Rippled scrubbing surface breaks up, lifts and repels the toughest dirt and grime.
  • Non-scratch: scrubbing surface safely cleans non-stick coatings.
  • Long Lasting: Durable and lasts longer than other sponges.*
  • Rinses Clean: Food and dirt rinse off easily under the tap and sponge stays fresh longer.
  • Flexible high quality polyester foam with nail-guard for protection from dirt & better handling.
  • Unique double wave shape: easier to hold, scrub and squeeze.
  • 4 Fun and playful colours: Magenta, Green, Cyan, Orange