QuickWring™ Bucket with Torsion Power® Wringer

Let the Vileda® QuickWring™ Bucket with Torsion Power® Wringer do the work for you. Featuring an innovative built-in-bucket torsion wringer, the bucket wrings out the mop, keeping hands dry and away from wet, dirty strings. Excess water is removed with less effort, meaning floors dry faster. The graduated oval-shaped bucket holds over 10 L of liquid.

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• #1 Bucket & Wringer.
• 10 L graduated, elongated oval-shaped bucket.
• Designed specifically for the Super Twist mop, but also a great choice for other Vileda® string mops.
• Innovative built-in wringer avoids handling dirty, wet strings with hands.
• Spout ideal for pouring out dirty water without splashing.
• Floors dry faster after using the unique torsion wringing mechanism.
• Plastic handle with comfort grip.

a brand of FREUDENBERG