Pure Gloves

These latex-free gloves are perfect for safeguarding your hands from diluted household detergents and dirty water. Made from 100% nitrile, they are ideal for those with latex sensitivities. Perfect for washing dishes and daily household chores, they can be easily tossed in the washing machine once your cleaning is done.


• 100% latex free-made from lightweight nitrile rubber.
• Machine washable and reusable.
• Always clean and fresh with a cotton lining.
• Skin-friendly and will not cause latex allergic reactions.
• Textured coating for better grip while handling wet objects.
• 2 sizes available (small/medium and large/extra large). 

Use & Care

Wash with laundry detergent at 60C/140F. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Lay gloves (inside out) flat to dry away from direct sunlight. Do not put in dryer.

a brand of FREUDENBERG