Oskar® Broom with Dustpan

Meet the best-selling broom in Canada, Oskar Broom with Dustpan. Featuring flexible, flagged-tipped bristles, Oskar Broom effectively traps dirt and dust from your home’s hard floor surfaces. It’s designed with sharply angled fibres to provide better reach in narrow spaces, and built-in rubber bumpers to protect walls and furniture. Includes matching clip-on dustpan to capture every bit of dirt.

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Canada's #1 Broom and Household Staple

Features an anti-static dustpan with a rubber lip that seals to the floor and attaches to the broom handle with just one click.

Angled ecofibres easily clean corners

Oskar's sharply angled bristles effectively remove dirt & dust and pull the debris from narrow and tight spaces. Made of 100% recycled plastic.

Built-in Bumpers protect furniture

Keep your walls and furniture protected while sweeping with its "bumpers" built into the brooms's head.


• Exclusive, sharply angled fibres provide better reach in the narrowest spaces. 
• Flagged tip bristles trap dust and dirt for a superior clean leaving a dust-free shine behind. 
• Protective rubber bumpers prevent damage to furniture and walls while sweeping. 
• Designed with ecofibres bristles made from 100% recycled PETP. 
• Includes matching clip-on dustpan that collects every bit of dust from floors. 
• Cleaning grooves integrated in the dustpan help to keep the bristles clean and remove excess dirt and dust. 
• Easy-to-store with endcap. 

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