DuActiva Broom With Anti-Static Foam Blade

Eliminate dust, dirt and hair in one sweep with the thorough Vileda® DuActiva Broom. The 2-in-1 electrostatic broom combines firm, synthetic bristles with a soft foam blade for double the cleaning action. Strong angled red bristles conveniently sweep hard-to-reach areas such as corners, edges and narrow spaces.

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• Two-in-one electrostatic broom.
• Innovative foam blade traps dirt, dust and hair in one stroke while the thick red bristles clean corners and edges effortlessly.
• High efficiency sweeping.
• Designed with firm red angled bristles, the broom easily reaches into narrow spaces, edges and corners.
• Ecofibres – bristles made of recycled plastic for an eco-friendly clean.
• Simply remove the foam blade and rinse under water to clean.
• Integrated rubber bumpers protect walls and furniture.
• Ideal for sweeping pet hair.

a brand of FREUDENBERG