Wiping Out Waste with Vileda's Reusable Mop Refills

Wiping Out Waste with Vileda's Reusable Mop Refills

1 February, 2024 | Cleaning Tips, Innovation, Updates

If you’re looking to add more sustainable products and systems to your household cleaning routine this year, switching from disposable mop pads to reusable mop refills is a great and easy place to start. Our washable, reusable, and durable mop refills are better for the environment, your wallet, and dealing with heavy-duty household messes.

Making the swap for reusable mop refills is an earth-friendly change you can feel great about!

Ditch the disposables


Ditch the disposables

Increasing the number of recyclable and reusable items in your cleaning arsenal can help you live more sustainably by cutting down on waste. By replacing your disposable mop pads with reusable ones, you can make significant strides in supporting the planet.

Disposable, single-use plastic mop pads are the norm for use with the average leading spray mop. One use, and into the garbage they go, further increasing our carbon footprint and adding to waste in landfills.

Plus, single-use plastic mop pads go hand-in-hand with chemical cleaning solutions. The chemicals are not environmentally friendly, and they come in non-refillable plastic bottles that people throw out once empty.


The Vileda® ProMist® MAX Spray Mop and our washable Refills are great sustainable alternatives to single-use mop pads. Our microfibre refills can be tossed into the wash and used again for the next mess. The ProMist MAX also features a refillable bottle that can be filled with any solution you like or use with just water, as our microfibre mop heads remove over 99% of bacteria with just water.* It also has a battery-free trigger (other spray mops use up to 5 batteries per year).

You can save up to 9x times a year on cleaning supplies by choosing ProMist MAX over a disposable spray mop. Saving the planet AND your wallet? Now that’s a great feeling!

Mop Smarter with EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop System and Vileda PACS Hard Floor Cleaner


Mop Smarter with EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop System and Vileda PACS Hard Floor Cleaner

The Vileda®ProMist® MAX Spray Mop is not the only mop that comes with a washable, reusable mop head. In fact, ALL of our microfibre mops come with mop refills, saving you money and helping you be kinder to Mother Earth.

When you’re finished cleaning, toss your refill in the washing machine (do not use bleach), lay flat to dry, and reuse! We suggest stocking up and having a different mop head on hand for every room in your home, to avoid spreading dirt from one room to another.

Cleaning Tip: To minimize spreading contaminating bacteria in your home, throw a used reusable mop refill in the washing machine and switch to another before you move to the next room.

Want to tackle tough messes while still being gentle on your hard floors? Pair our EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop with Vileda PACS Hard Floor Cleaner.

PACS are made from 98% naturally derived ingredients with no harsh chemicals – no parabens, no bleach, no ammonia. Instead, these perfectly portioned PACS use the cleaning power of enzymes to dissolve dirt and grime.

No more plastic bottles full of harmful chemicals –
just drop a PAC in your bucket and get cleaning.

Reusable Mop Refills Are Better for Big Messes


Reusable Mop Refills Are Better for Big Messes

Every day brings its share of spills, especially in households with active kids or pets. These spills often escalate into bigger messes! Unlike disposable mop heads, reusable mop refills offer superior cleaning performance and larger floor coverage. Not only are single-use disposable mop pads less efficient, but they also come at a higher cost and are designed to tackle only one room before reaching their maximum cleaning capacity.

Luckily, our reusable mop refills are great for effectively cleaning large areas, and the ProMist® MAX Spray Mop Washable Refill is dual-sided. When one side has been used, you can quickly turn it over without needing a new mop pad. We also designed the EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop Refill with absorbent microfibre so you can quickly rinse, wring, and move on to the next mess.

Ready to make the switch to reusable mop refills? Check out our collection of sustainable, budget-friendly, and durable refills here.

*Removes over 99% of E. coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tiling using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab.
**Vileda ProMist Max is Canada's #1 Spray Mop, based on Nielsen Canada, All Channels, L52 Weeks Ending 02/25/23
***Cost of product, solution and refills compared to the leading disposable spray mop.
Vileda ProMist MAX Microfibre Spray Mop Refill
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