Easy Squeeze Mop

Keeps your hands dry!

An easy-to-wring mop that won’t get your hands dirty or wet!

Need a mop capable of wiping off any mess? The Vileda Easy Squeeze sponge mop will make that a breeze! This easy-to-wring mop comes with a unique double hinge that wrings the sponge out firmly and evenly everytime without getting your hands wet. The mop head absorbs spills and splashes without streaking.

Make cleaning smaller and larger surfaces a breeze with the Vileda Easy Squeeze sponge mop!

  • Easy-to-wring mop.
  • Wringer designed to keep hands dry.
  • Absorbent cellulose sponge.
  • Soft, moulded handle for a better grip.
  • Easy-to-change refill.


Easy Wrigning By Vileda