Super Angle Pro Broom with Dustpan

Indoor and Outdoor Use!

The perfect team to eradicate dirt and dust swiftly, both indoors and outdoors!

Sweep and collect dirt and dust fast and smoothly with the NEW and IMPROVED Vileda Super Angle Pro Broom with Dustpan. This eco-friendly indoor/outdoor broom features a large angled head that easily reaches into corners and lets you cover more surface area. Plus, its bristles resist bending and hold their shape to extend the life of your broom. Thanks to its built-in “bumpers”, the broom won’t damage your furniture or floors, while its wider head and angle will help you clean faster and more effectively even in the smallest spots. The large dustpan picks up dirt smoothly and will leave your floors flawless!

Make every last speck of dust history both inside and outside your home with the NEW Vileda Super Angle Pro broom with dustpan!

  • Indoor/outdoor broom cleans everything from wood floors to garage floors.
  • Ecofibres – bristles made of recycled plastic.
  • Black bristles pull dust and dirt from corners with ease.
  • Grey bristles capture and hold dirt effectively.
  • Wider broom head accelerates sweeping.
  • Built-in “bumpers” protect walls and furniture.
  • Extra-strong and durable bristles for tough jobs and heavy debris.
  • Exclusive angled design for easier sweeping in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Strong, wide and impact-resistant 48” handle.
  • Matching clip-on dustpan to collect dirt thoroughly.


Ecofibres By Vileda