Great Cleaning.

Less Waste.

ProMist MAX lets you clean more surface area with its reusable microfibre pad that flips! It captures all the dirt and grime, and removes over 99% bacteria with just water*. Great for your floors, the environment and your wallet.

Canada’s #1 Microfibre Spray Mop*

Microfibre pad removes over 99% of bacteria with just water*

Double-sided mop head flips to clean more surface area​

Refillable bottle. No need for preloaded cleaners.

Washable & reusable microfibre pad

No batteries required

Washable & Reusable Refills

For best results, replace your refill every season!

Washable & Reusable Refills

For best results, replace your refill every season!

very excited
Washable/Reusable Pads = very excited to finally say goodbye to my disposable mop! <3 <3
great for the environment
This mop will save you money and it is great for the environment. Love that you can wash and reuse the pads and fill with your own cleaner.
Katie. B
Love It
Was using another brand, but felt guilty about all the disposable parts. I tried ProMist MAX and it is great. Bought an extra pad so I always have a clean one. I make my own environmentally friendly cleaner!
10 Out of 10
I absolutely love this product! It's so easy to use and works well (it even cleaned the grout on my tile floor.) There are no batteries to change and I don't have to worry about charging it. You can use any solution and don't have to constantly throw out pads. What's not to love?
Maggie R.
Love this mop
Love that I can flip the pad over when one side is dirty. Refills are easy to clean, I just put them in the washing machine.

Easy To Remove Bottle

To remove bottle from the mop base, simply pull it up along the mop handle

Use Your Own Cleaning Solution

Fill the bottle with water and insert it into mop base. You can also add 2 teaspoons of floor cleaner using the snap-on measuring cup for extra freshness

Great For all Floors

The microfibre pad is safe to use on all hardwood flooring including tile and linoleum. Easy and hygienic cleaning!

To remove

Detach fasteners and slide pad off frame.

To wash

Machine or hand wash in warm water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry.

To replace

Insert frame into open end of pad, slide into place and press firmly to secure.

Cleans Corners Easily

The rectangular shape makes it easy to clean deep inside corners and capture dirt and dust.

Cleans Baseboards Easily​

The microfibre pad will trap the dust and dirt along the baseboard or molding. Simply flip the mop pad to continue dusting.

Perfect for Pet Messes

Our cutest companions are also some of our messiest. The ProMist MAX microfibre pad captures fur and dirt fast for easy cleaning.

*Removes over 99% of common household bacteria such as E. coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab.

*Nielson, All Channels, Latest 52 Weeks, Period Ending 01/30/2021