Virobi Robotic Sweeper

Sweeps your floors for you!

Let a willing and trusty helper do all your sweeping for you!

By picking up hair, particles and dust without any effort on your part, the Vileda Virobi Robotic Sweeper will gain you precious time! Just stick on a disposable electrostatic cloth, choose the cleaning program, and let it do all the hard work for you! Its autonomous navigation system helps it detect and bypass obstacles, and enables it to glide skilfully even in the most cramped spaces, automatically leaving your floors dust-free – and always willingly!

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Treat yourself to some quality time by entrusting your sweeping to the Vileda Virobi Robotic Sweeper!

  • Disposable electrostatic cloths ideal for picking-up pet and human hair, particles and fine dust.
  • Wireless, easy-to-use and rechargeable.
  • Two cleaning programs (30 or 120 minutes).
  • Autonomous navigation system – the robot detects and moves around obstacles.
  • Easily glides in narrower spaces, including under furniture, sofas, beds, etc.
  • Flexible base optimizes sweeping inside corners and angles.
  • Ideal for smooth surface floors (tile, marble, linoleum).
  • Three electrostatic cloths included.




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