Virobi Cloths Refills

Picks up hair, dust and dirt!

Electrostatic cloths specially designed for Virobi Robotic Sweeper.

By picking up hair, particles and dust without any effort on your part, the Vileda Virobi Robotic Sweeper gains you precious time! And its specially designed electrostatic cloths do so impeccably every time, making sure the robot does all the hard work for you and leaves your floors clean as a whistle, automatically – and willingly!

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Treat yourself to quality time by always fitting your Vileda Virobi Robotic Sweeper with these highly effective electrostatic cloths!

  • Disposable electrostatic cloths ideal for picking up pet and human hair, particles and fine dust.
  • Easy to attach and remove.
  • Ideal for smooth surface floors (tile, marble, linoleum).
  • Twenty cloths included.



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