SuperMop Refill

Unique blend of cotton and microfibres

Make a sustainable choice to keep knocking dirt out with your Vileda SuperMop!

With the Vileda SuperMop string mop refill, you’ll keep on double jabbing dirt for a good long while. Make your mop last as long as you’ll want to take advantage of the outstanding absorption and resistance of cotton to blot out fluids and spatter, and the power of microfibre to clear even greasy stains, so that you can finish up your chores and enjoy other pursuits faster.

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Knock out dirt for years if you please with the powerful double-edged jabs of the Vileda SuperMop string mop refill!

  • Microfibre and cotton woven strings absorb, lift stubborn, greasy dirt and polish to a shine.
  • Ideal for cleaning rougher surfaces, and deep inside grooves and corners.
  • Easy-to-change refill.

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