Quick Wring Bucket

Wring your mop clean!

Easy wringing and the perfect measure of moisture every time for your Super Twist mop!

Designed specifically to make it easy to wring the Super Twist string mop, the Vileda Quick Wring bucket is also a great choice for our other string mops. Its built-in wringer minimizes the effort needed for wringing and keeps hands dry, in addition to delivering the perfect measure of moisture to let your mop clean spotlessly. And with its 10 L capacity and splash-guard spout, you’ll enjoy appreciable convenience.

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Wring your mop perfectly with minimal effort thanks to the Vileda Quick Wring bucket!

  • 10 L graduated elongated oval-shaped bucket.
  • Designed specifically for the Super Twist mop, but also a great choice for other Vileda string mops.
  • Innovative built-in wringer avoids handling dirty, wet strings with hands.
  • Spout ideal for pouring out dirty water without splashing.



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