ProMist Refill – Messy Clean-Ups

Machine washable up to 3 times!

An easy-to-replace Vileda ProMist mop refill made to impress no matter how big the mess!

This Vileda ProMist mop refill for messy clean-ups is specially designed to clean even aggregated dirt, food on the floor, mud left over by shoes – and the list goes on. Leveraging the full power of thousands of microfibres that lift and capture the most stubborn dirt on all hard floors, including wood, tile and laminate, it will easily make any mess, big or small, disappear and make your floors shine like a new penny.

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Clean any mess with ease thanks to the Vileda ProMist mop refill for messy clean-ups!

  • Refill for messy clean-ups.
  • Microfibre pad – thousands of small fibres lift and capture grease and dirt.
  • Machine washable up to 3 times.
  • Easy-to-replace refill for ProMist mop.

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