ProMist MAX Mop Refill

Easily removes tough dirt

Deep clean your floors with a superior power mop refill!

The ProMist MAX double sided refill deep cleans and removes dirt and grime on any floor surface. The 100% microfibre pad uses scrubbing zones to remove stubborn dirt and dissolves tough stuck on messes with little effort. Clean longer without stopping by simply flipping the pad over, then throw it in the washing machine when you’re done for a fresh clean start.

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Leverage the full power of thousands of microfibres to lift and capture the most stubborn dirt on all hard floors with the ProMist MAX Refill.

  • Microfibre pad – thousands of tiny fibres lift and capture grease and dirt.
  • Scrub zone removes stubborn dirt effectively.
  • Eco-friendly and machine washable.
  • Easy-to-replace refill for ProMist Max Mop.
  • Works great on all hard flooring: linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, wood and marble.


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