Powerfibres Hand & Nail Brush

Antibacterial bristles prevent bad odours!

Cleans hands in no time!

The Vileda Powerfibres Hand & Nail Brush handily double tasks to clean your hands completely and effectively! Its sturdy bristles on one side penetrate under the nails and cuticles to remove embedded dirt, while its pumice stone scrubs off tough stains from skin and smoothes calluses away. Better yet, antibacterial silver ions are built in the brush bristles to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

For impeccably clean hands, enjoy the dual-effectiveness of the Vileda Powerfibres Hand & Nail Brush!

  • Dual cleaning action for hands and nails.
  • Cleans hands and removes dirt embedded under nails effectively.
  • Built-in pumice stone smoothes calluses away.
  • Antibacterial bristles prevent the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.