Scrunge Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand

Scrub away tough messes!

The perfect kitchen tool for tough cleaning tasks! No need to roll up your sleeves, this wand is perfect for scrubbing messy pots and pans down to the bottom!

A sponge packing power! Scour away tough dirt, grease and grime with this Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand. You’ll love how the unique rippled surface fragments dirt, rinses clean and resists odours versus traditional scrubbers that trap and collect dirt. Thanks to Vileda’s Scrunge Heavy Duty Sponge Dishwand, you can experience a great cleaning experience that makes tough cleaning jobs easy! What’s more, its easy-to-fill, detergent-dispensing handle makes it a complete and flexible convenient tool. Many scourers look alike on the outside, but if you choose Vileda, you’ll quickly notice the difference when it comes to both quality and the end result!

The best solution to tackle tough dirt and grime and get your dishes sparkling clean! Your dishes will thank you.

  • Ideal for tough cleaning tasks. Easily remove dried-on, cooked and embedded dirt on all pots and pans.
  • Scrunge rippled surface fragments and efficiently removes dirt.
  • Rinses clean and resists odours.
  • Rounded sponge optimizes cleaning efficiency.
  • Easy-to-refill, detergent-dispensing handle.
  • Three refills available – non scratch, heavy duty or gentle cleaning.