Dish Sponge Refill

Cleans gently!

Iron-hand efficiency in a velvet glove for more delicate dishware!

To wash dishes effectively yet gently, fit your Vileda Dish Scrunge sponge wand with this easy-to-replace Dish Sponge refill. In addition to removing particles easily, its quality is only rivalled by its gentle touch on dishes with more fragile finishes!

For more delicate dishware, count on the velvet-clad efficiency of the Vileda Dish Sponge refill for the Vileda Dish Scrunge sponge wand!

  • Refill designed to wash delicate dishware gently.
  • Rounded sponge optimizes cleaning efficiency.
  • Very absorbent, easy-to-replace refill.
  • 2-pack.
  • Designed for Vileda Dish Scrunge sponge wand.
  • Three refills available – non scratch, heavy duty or gentle cleaning